Role: Art and Creative Direction. Design Lead. Project Coordination.


Vamping up any surface is easy with a vinyl wrap. Brand messaging can be impactful, unexpected or anything you can come up with when applied to dimensional surfaces.



One of my favorite ways to execute branding and marketing is to give corporate vehicles a facelift. They’re an unassuming mobile canvas that is waiting to be wrapped so the company word can get out. I had a good time planning and working with vendors to bring this concept to fruition.

Interactive Teller Machines

One of my favorite design challenges is wrapping awkwardly shaped objects in vinyl material. Usually these objects don’t have a template that exists so I get to go out to the site, measure and observe the space and the people that use it. Then I measure and create my own design blueprint. Based on scale / viewing distance, I illustrate / design accordingly. The final step is coordinating the install with the printer and making sure that they have all the files and design direction they need. I always love to see the final results out in the wild.