360 Murals

Elevating the look of community rooms in the Boise area

Initial Concepts

Three initial concepts were pitched to a committee and a concept based on the local attractions in the area was chosen:

  • Local Landscapes
  • Local Attractions
  • Historical Timeline
Sketch of a timeline conceptSketch of a timeline concept

Local History

Sketch of a landscape conceptSketch of a landscape concept

Local Landscape

Sketch of a timeline conceptSketch of a timeline concept

Historical Timeline

Sketch of a farmland conceptSketch of a farmland concept

Local Landscape

Final Design / Installation

The Local Attractions concept was selected for this community room location and since the walls have been installed, many community members have been able to enjoy the vibrant space.

If you’ve had the chance to hang out around Meridian Idaho for a while, chances are you’ve noticed some of the iconic features of the city. I chose to include the  the iconic water tower, cycling paths and other attractions like 9th Street Bridge and the welcome sign. Our goal was to create a friendly, fun environment that made people proud to be using the organization’s community room.

Wall with illustrations of watertower and local farmlands
Mural with cyclists, historical bridge and local wetlands illustration

The illustrations were planned to seamlessly blend into the next wall. The 9th Street Bridge wraps around the corner and transitions into a scene from a popular park. Some of the local wildlife and natural landscapes were included under the bridge.

An evening outdoor setting with a campfire and night sky situated itself nicely into one of the lower corners of the room that still had decent lighting. The camping scene blends into the illustration of a local park with hot air balloons in the sky. The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is one of the most popular events in the area!

Wall with illustrations of camping scene, a trail and a local park
Entry doors with welcome illustration

The main entrance doors were designed to welcome the public and transition from the beige walls into the vibrant design of the community room.

The illustration elements were planned based on lighting and were custom designed to fit each unique wall of this site.

Wide shot of seamless mural design