Role: Art and Creative Direction. Design Lead. Project Coordination.

Interior Branding

Inside every business brick and mortar is a brand reputation – the themes and feelings a setting evokes has meaning. My goal with each interior for this brand was to create a friendly, welcoming appeal. The illustrative elements would remind members that the credit union was local and cared about their member's experience in their community. The colors chosen from the color palette would be vibrant and add a unique, creative flair.

Dimensional Signage

I chose material that would offer contrast and a decent level of detail so the silhouettes would have visual interest from any angle or distance. The black color complemented the other fixtures and accents within the building.

Privacy Screens


Throughout the branch locations, I added window clings illustrated with scenes from around the city as a privacy screen for the lower portion of interior offices.



Many updated branches feature a murals that are specific to the landmarks and key areas locals love to frequent.