Role: Design Lead. Art and Creative Direction. Project Coordination.

360° Murals

Vibrant murals cover the walls of a new community room inside a local credit union branch. My mission was to create a branded, energetic environment that emphasized the public's favorite past times. I set out with a design team to elevate two community spaces in Boise, Idaho.

If you’ve had the chance to hang out around Meridian Idaho for a while, chances are you’ve noticed some of the iconic features of the city. I chose to include the the iconic water tower, cycling paths and other attractions like 9th Street Bridge and the welcome sign.

The illustrations were planned to seamlessly blend into the ajoining wall. After visiting the spaces, I created sketch mockups to present to a committee. After a direction was decided on, worked with our team to get precise measurements and provided instruction on producing large format illustrations. I fully illustrated the room below and the other location has final illustrations by another talented designer on my team.

Initial Concept Sketches

Three initial concepts were pitched to a committee and a concept based on the local attractions in the area was chosen:

  • Local Landscapes
  • Local Attractions
  • Historical Timeline

Sketch of a timeline conceptSketch of a timeline concept

Local History

Sketch of a landscape conceptSketch of a landscape concept

Local Landscape

Sketch of a timeline conceptSketch of a timeline concept

Historical Timeline

Sketch of a farmland conceptSketch of a farmland concept

Local Landscape